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  • $3,850

    • air-cooled, oil-free scroll-type vacuum
    • low noise & vibration
    • compact design
    • no lubricant maintenance or sealing water administration
    • free from installation restrictions
    • low power consumption

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  • $4,000

    ACP 15

    Product description

    • Dry multi-stage Roots technology, SD versions, ACP pumps with a pumping speed of max. 15 m3/h
    • No particle contamination, thanks to frictionless design: no wearing parts in the pumped gases path
    • No hydrocarbon vapors backstreaming: ACP series pumps are free of lubricant inside the pumping module
    • Constant performances (Pumping speed, max. and ultimate pressure)
    • High reliability: thanks to our expertise of dry multi-stage Roots pumps since 1988
    • Low maintenance costs: no annual field service, complete overhaul only every 20000 hours for ACP 15
    • Condensable vapor ability: with gas ballast ports and drainable silencer


    Features & Benefits

    • no particle contamination
    • high reliability
    • air-cooled
    • constant performances
    • low maintenance costs
    • condensable vapor ability
    • ideal replacement for scroll and oil-sealed pumps
    • several gas port options, including purge gas & gas ballast
    • unsurpassed long-term stabilityand high reliability in even the
    most demanding applications
    • designed for applications that require pumping of clean (dust-
    free) and non-corrosive gases

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  • $500

    Item is used and is locked up.  Great unit for parts or a rebuild project!  Call today if you are interested.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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