• SRS RGA200 Gas Analyzer $3,500

    The 200 amu residual gas analyzers from SRS offer exceptional performance and value. These RGA’s provide detailed gas analysis of vacuum systems at about half the price of competitive models. Each RGA system comes complete with a quadrupole probe, electronics control unit (ECU), and a real-time Windows software package that is used for data acquisition and analysis, as well as probe control.



    Mass Range:  
    RGA200 1 to 200 amu
    Mass filter type Quadrupole

    (Cylindrical rods, rod diameter: 0.25”, rod length: 4.5”)

    Detector type Faraday cup (FC) – standard

    Electron multiplier (CDEM) – optional


    (per AVS standard 2.3).

    Better than 0.5 amu @ 10% peak height

    Adjustable to constant peak width throughout the entire mass range.

    Sensitivity (A/Torr)* 2.10-4 (FC)

    <200 (CDEM). User adjustable throughout high voltage range.

    Minimum detectable

    partial pressure


    5.10-11 Torr (FC).

    5.10-14 Torr (CDEM).

    Operating pressure range 10-4 Torr to UHV (FC)

    10-6 Torr to UHV (CDEM)

    Max. bakeout temperature (without


    Operating Temperature 70qC  (max.)
    Recommended bakeout temperature 200°C (O100HJR Heater Jacket recommended)
    Total press.


    Available with FC measurements only

    * Measured with N2 @ 28 amu with 1 amu full peak width @ 10% height, 70 eV electron energy, 12 eV ion energy and 1 mA electron emission current.  Ionizer 

    Design Open ion source, cylindrical symmetry.
    Operation Electron impact ionization.
    Material Stainless steel, type 304.
    Filament Thoriated Iridium (dual) with firmware protection. Field


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